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Wliia US Season 2 Episode 22

Whose Line is it Anyway? US Season 2 Episode 22.



  1. Weird Newscasters
    Song Styles
    Themed Restaurant
    Scenes from a Hat
    Reading the Credits

  2. Wayne met Lee prior taping this episode (with Colin) and she said she admired Wayne because he's very religious like she is and figured that's why he didn't tell as many dirty jokes as the other cast members did. Wayne & Colin, told Ryan and Drew that story prior to this taping. Drew picked Lee from the audience intentionally when he saw the card and that's why Colin and Ryan reacted the way they did when they heard he was a Strip-O-Gram and when he sang the song. (especially the meatballs line)

  3. I love Ryan's hoedown verse...I also like the 1st one he did for this Halloween hoedown that they didn't air.

    Colin totally set himself up for that kiss from Ryan.

  4. Colin drinks the fries that he asks for in narrate

  5. Colin's first thing Adam said was so funny I cried! He is a comic genius!

  6. Ryan loves to tear the shit out of Drew, and he just takes it. Hilarious

  7. Anytime the third Hoedown line rhymes with "scary", it's pretty obvious what the fourth will be :P

    I think this is the first time they've played Themed Restaurant... Not bad.

    Also, in Weird Newscasters, Ryan climbs on Wayne's back, where the jetpack would have been... Haha.

  8. Thanks for the info re: the song styles. I always thought that they kind of overreacted to it, so it's interesting to know why!

  9. So that's why Ryan and Colin were cracking up about during Song Styles! That was priceless.
    And after the Colin/Ryan kiss Ryan says "I think that's the first time I've kissed you before" and Colin says "Yes, it was nice. Thank you."