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Wliia UK Season 4 Episode 5

Whose Line is it Anyway? UK Season 4 Episode 5.



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    News Report
    Film Dub
    Scenes from a Hat
    Party Quirks
    Helping Hands

  2. Ryan's wearing normal white sneakers...I like the shoes he wears in the US Whose Line

  3. If you're paying attention to Mr. Stiles' feet, I think he would appreciate you at least admire his corns

  4. I don't know does he have those on his feet? It's just that since he gets made fun of so much in the US series for his choice of footwear it's weird seeing him wear shoes that aren't so flashy. If I'm looking at his feet I'm not thinking about his corns...though I am thinking about something else.

    Ryan's my favorite on both the US and UK Whose Line so regardless of what he's wearing he's still the funniest on the show.

  5. Actually no I've seen his feet and they don't have anything on them.

  6. 5:56 - 6:10 is probably the funniest thing I've ever heard Ryan say.

  7. lol at tony's american accent.
    and ryan you nasty, but i like your type