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Wliia US Season 3 Episode 22

Whose Line is it Anyway? US Season 3 Episode 22.



  1. "He put my stone back in my end"

  2. Wayne, Chip, Colin, Ryan:

    Sound Effects (Titanic)
    Three Headed Broadway Star (Bald Spot)
    Whose Line (Sampson and Delilah)
    Irish Drinking Song (Got Mugged)
    Helping Hands (Football)

  3. Y'know if I didn't know any better I'd think Chip had it in for Ryan...He pokes Ryan in the eye in the UK series basically crushes him in this playing of superheroes and jumps on Ryan's bad back in another episode.

  4. That Irish Drinking song was just hillarious <3

  5. Ryan is adorable when he tries to act as a toddler. <3

  6. Colin killed it when he said, "He put my stone back in my end."

  7. Wayne's reaction to Ryan saying "A stone I passed" is priceless.

  8. I think Colin almost laughed during the Irish drinking song.
    Wait, is there ever an episode or more where he HAS laughed?

  9. ^Colin laughs when Ryan breaks the desk light.

    Colin's endings to Irish Drinking Songs are always hilarious!

  10. Omg, the end of the Irish Drinking Song. I think everyone's reactions made it even funnier.

    Ryan's the most adorable toddler ever, and I would also very much enjoy a mosh pit with Chip. Yum.

  11. Colin also laughs when Wayne has to sing as a singing strip-o-gram.

  12. Is Ryan biting Colin's nipple!?