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Wliia US Season 3 Episode 8

Whose Line is it Anyway? US Season 3 Episode 8.



  1. Drew that was a good comeback. Like why would you spend money on Michael Jackson? Like he's dealing w/ who he is so why do others worry about it? R.I.P. MJ (1958-2009)=(

  2. I think the world should be less sensitive. If you are a celebrity, you open your self to thousands, if not millions to ridicule you. If you thought High School was bad...

  3. I love Colin at the very end when he turns around.. "OH MY GOD!!" hahaha, priceless.

  4. Film, TV, and Theater Styles
    Song Styles
    News Flash
    Motown Group

  5. "DOCUMENTARY!" love Ryan.

    4:07 Ryan and Colin are so in sync it's incredible...that is HILARIOUS!!! Even I was clapping after that.

    Colin's verse and dance moves in Motown Group are priceless...lmao

  6. haha at the very end wayne and kathy get their "tassels" caught on eachother.

  7. Such a good episode easily one of the best!

  8. in the game newsflash, does anyone have the video of that girl who is swirling her breasts???lol

  9. Having a flamboyant black guy sing a song to an old retired marine? Not the best idea.

  10. Haha that song Wayne sang was pretty catchy