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Wliia US Season 4 Episode 11

Whose Line is it Anyway? US Season 4 Episode 11.



  1. drew never lets wayne kiss him, he's kissed colin and ryan but he won't let wayne....why? poor wayne

  2. I've noticed that too. Maybe he doesn't like black ppl.

  3. ryan does an awesome croc hunter impression. lol
    r.i.p. Steve Irwin.

  4. Let's Make a Date
    News Flash
    Whose Line
    Weird Newscasters
    Irish Drinking Song

  5. I love it...the very first Irish Drinking Song they ever do and Ryan messes it up.

    "Usually I'd have my American wife here to take all the hits for me..." I love how Ryan makes it a point to mention the wife when he does the Croc Hunter Impression

  6. Why on earth didn't the audience clap through the Irish Drinking Song?? It sounds so weird.

  7. Drew doesn't do a scene in this one...

  8. they really struggle with the timing on that irish drinking song. pretty funny though. Gotta love the Gepetto references, Drew just is forced to grin and bear it.

  9. Ryan does a dead-ringer impersonation of the crocodile hunter, no pun intended.
    R.I.P. Steve Irwin
    I never noticed until now, but why won't Drew let Wayne kiss him? He's kissed Greg, Colin, and Ryan.

  10. drew won't let wayne kiss him because he secretly likes wayne and doesn't want to get over excited XP!!!

  11. ^ You're probably right!