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NEW: It seems a lot of the 4shared videos are now also not working.
I'm very busy at the moment, and don't have much time for this (non-profit, just for fun) site. If anyone can find a video host, that will allow me to put all the videos on, which wont take me hours per video to upload, I will gladly transfer them there.

Guys I haven't deleted or hidden any videos, they've been deleted. We need a new host, that wont delete any.


Wliia US Season 4 Episode 6

Whose Line is it Anyway? US Season 4 Episode 6.



  1. Hay I Myself am on the hunt for a host that will not take my stuff down. I ll let you know if i find anything good.

  2. also let us know where you go when you do ;))

  3. I'd rather have the option to choose between video players if that's not too much trouble -- some hosts are blocked on the computers we use to watch streaming video and some just don't agree with the computers.

  4. Weird Newscasters
    News Flash
    Party Quirks
    Show-Stopping Number
    World's Worst

  5. That News Flash is disgusting...I had to block it out

    20:36- that's nasty Drew. I like how they showed the individual reactions of each of the cast members...mine was probably close to Ryan's.

  6. What'd drew say?

  7. ^Drew says: "Okay now let me show you one more way I like to masturbate."

  8. "Party Quirks" was hilarious.

  9. This episode is not working for me :(