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Wliia US Season 5 Episode 31

Whose Line is it Anyway? US Season 5 Episode 31.



  1. If only I had and electric beaver I could cut through this icehole!!!!!!!!

  2. Hollywood Director
    Two Line Vocabulary
    Press Conference
    Improbable Mission
    Irish Drinking Song

  3. "I think it was Pavarotti who said craaaaaaap."
    "Go beaver go!"
    "For God sakes life your head up your nose is slowing us down!"
    "Damn rolling blackouts."

    I love Ryan, but he totally got owned in this episode.

  4. look at brad in the background of improbable mission from 14:31 to 14:34 and 17:34 to 17:37

  5. Hahahaha I love Colin so much.

  6. The icehole part of the episode reminds of an episode in Castle. Lol.
    Castle - "I'm telling you--ice bullet."
    Esosito - "Nah, bro. An ice bullet would still make a bullet hole."
    Ryan - "You mean ice hole."
    Castle - "What'd you just call me?"

  7. Haha, I saw what Ryan did after Colin said "Your nose is slowing us down!"
    He tried squeezing Colin's ankle and kept grabbing onto it for a few seconds more. lol

  8. that is an amazing suit drew has

  9. Ryan seemed genuinely uneasy about Wayne's 'rolling blackouts' reaction, I'm unsure why as it was obvious Wayne was just playing around. I guess he doesn't want anyone to think he was making a racist gag on TV or something.