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Wliia US Season 5 Episode 8

Whose Line is it Anyway? US Season 5 Episode 8.



  1. Colin ALWAYS owns the "Irish Drinking Songs"

  2. Scene to Music
    Changed Letter
    Party Quirks
    Irish Drinking Song
    Living Scenery

  3. Oooooo! Colin got kissed longer than Ryan did by China. Lol.

  4. pretty sure ryan kissed colin longer than he kissed china too haha

  5. "You are gonna gay for that."
    "I'm gonna blow you away."
    "Ding-ga ding-ga dingisher"

    19:42 - 19:51 LMAO

  6. I love how at the end of the Irish Drinking Song, Colin always leaves them laughing too hard to continue singing, and he just looks so enthusiastic xD

  7. My gosh, she kissed Colin longer than Ryan.
    Geez lou-eez. Why does Ryan always get turned on by hot women? He's freaking married.
    I love how Ryan got pummeled by China. Lol. That would be payback for being an igloo.

  8. I can't believe Brad said Captain America; that's Marvel and Wonder Woman is DC! He should have said Aquaman; Colin's even wearing an orange top and green pants.