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Wliia US Season 7 Episode 12

Whose Line is it Anyway? US Season 7 Episode 12.



  1. Let's Make a Date
    Sound Effects
    Motown Group
    Helping Hands
    Foreign Film Dub

  2. I've been looking for this episode...this is my favorite Let's Make A Date. Ryan's quite the charmer with that lounge singing voice of his. Ryan's hot!

    I love how Ryan always uses the diabetic line even though he doesn't have diabetes.

    "Nice necklace chick." lol

  3. I love Wayne and Colin's reaction when Drew tells them they're going to do a song called "Do The Park Ranger." and I love how Ryan's face just doesn't change. At 13:52 Ryan says: "Once again the endings are right on." <--- I noticed that too.

    Ryan is hot.

  4. my god! Ryan is so hot!

  5. 10:20 lmao

    I see a trend in all the comments before mine. It's good to know that I'm not the only one that thinks Ryan Stiles is hot. Ryan really is ridiculously attractive.

  6. lol at that "Let's lock the Irish behind the gates..." part. Hilarious!!! (and accurate with regards to the Titanic) Colin and Wayne's part in Let's Make a Date went really well together.

    I'd hate to be the one to stop the trend so...Ryan really is very hot!

  7. wayne's fall during let's make a date is perfect... idk why u guys like ryan, wayne's just as adorable... ; )

  8. I bet the person always saying how hot Ryan is (even though he is) in every episode is Ryan Stiles he just wants to see what'll happen why else would he be anonymous. Also Wayne Brady is hot too and Colin in cute.

  9. It's Funny because Colin lived in Montreal from the ages of 6-18 lol then he met Ryan in Toronto at Second City when he was 19. So Ryan knows he's french even though he doesn't know french lol. I know this because we had to do a project on famous canadian imagrants, I'm not a stalker! O.O

  10. I love how all the comments (except the 1st one) are about Ryan. If only Ryan used computers so he would know how hot people think he is. (BTW he is so hot!)

  11. I'll join in... Ryan is hot!! But I Am still a Colin lover >_O wink face!!