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Wliia US Season 7 Episode 21

Whose Line is it Anyway? US Season 7 Episode 21.



  1. "We must unite as one... kumbya my lord..." lol that is why i love Colin Mochrie!

  2. Let's Make a Date
    Party Quirks
    Irish Drinking Song
    World's Worst

  3. Ryan: "I don't wanna sing." Ryan is SO cute when he's playing the little kids.

    lmao at Ryan's face when Chip keeps singing to him during Bartender

    Ryan: "I wouldn't know where to put it." To me Ryan wins just for that line...he was hilarious during party quirks.

  4. lmao Wayne at 14:28

    Colin: "Joe had a nice bone." I love how everyone just gives up on the IDS after that.

    lol Colin at the very end of the credit to Ryan: "Wow, you're a big one."

  5. I love it when you can tell that they're a big fan of the show. If I was in the audience when drew asked for a thing that Ryan is in love with, I would have shouted my name.

  6. Does anyone know what Colin said to Chip right after his song on Bartender? He swore, I know that. xD;

    I'm in love with all these men, and this show! <3

  7. I think that Colin said May midgets f*** on your grave.