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Wliia US Season 7 Episode 23

Whose Line is it Anyway? US Season 7 Episode 23.



  1. Weird Newscasters
    Number of Words
    Action Replay
    Living Scenery
    Show-Stopping Number
    World's Worst

  2. Thanks again for all the skits Anon :)

  3. Ryan and Wayne are amazing in this Weird Newscasters. Wayne had the perfect voice for the fashion designer and Ryan was hilarious using Drew.

    8:09 - 8:16 lol I noticed that too Ryan.

    20:06 - 20:10 lmao especially Wayne and would've been even more funny if Drew stepped back when Colin did.

  4. I love how happy Ryan gets after he makes fun of at his wave at 4:51

    I like how when Wayne stops humping Ryan's leg during the credits Ryan pulls him back in.

  5. did any one else notice how Ryan jumped on the opportunity to touch Kathy?

  6. Colin was awesome in this one.

  7. they just can't get enough of wayne's ticklish butt haha