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Wliia US Season 7 Episode 3

Whose Line is it Anyway? US Season 7 Episode 3.



  1. "Someone wants there own show." lol Ryan.
    Even though Drew stopped Colin during infomertial, if it did actually shoot flames Colin probably would have still carried on. lol.
    We all remember the time when Ryan smashed the light... then Colin laughed and said "It would have been better if you're head burst into flames."
    You know what... i think Ryan's right... i think Colin does want his own show... lol

  2. Award Show
    Press Conference
    Sound Effects
    Irish Drinking Song

  3. 2:33 - 2:42 Ryan and Colin could not have had a more perfect pose for that.
    "Return Please!"

    9:32 = greatest facial expression EVER...gotta love Ryan.
    Lol at Ryan's facial expression when Drew freaks out in infomercial (10:28).
    11:07 -11:12 lol Ryan.

  4. "...I'm the wife?" Well, Ryan has a right to be surprised. XD

  5. 10:48
    This must've been the same taping as the s5e30
    episode, as Jerry Springers right hand pops up at
    the end of Infomercial, and you also hear Colin say "well done".