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Wliia US Season 1 Episode 17

Whose Line is it Anyway? US Season 1 Episode 17.



  1. Stephen Colbert

  2. "Sir Sir.."
    "Quiet! I'm expressing myself."


  3. -Weird Newscasters
    -Scene To Rap
    -Moving People
    -Greatest Hits
    -Party Quirks

  4. You know, I love this show and everyone on it, but I don't think anyone gives credit to Laura Hall... she's improving too in Greatest Hits, you know.

  5. Yes it is true, she does great consistently, BUT everyone on the show is improving ALL the games.. and they are also consistently hilarious. That is why this show is great, because everyone on it rocks.

  6. "Quiet, I'm expressing myself!" is one of my all-time favorite Whose Line quotes ever...that's why I love this episode so much. Also, Ryan was in the perfect pose for that.

    Drew: "Stephen, you're gonna be the anchor of a news program." <--- I think Drew is psychic.

    Wayne: "Alright now" LMAO this is my fave scene to rap.

  7. Stephen's skiing dance is EPIC!!!

    "And one of my favorites is that great Jerry Lee Lewis hit it is: 'Bowl Me, Strike Me, Spare Me'" LMFAO That song title is so clever, too bad more of the audience members didn't catch on to the joke. (Ryan, Wayne and Drew did though)

    Ryan has the most adorable smile and he's a fantastic actor.

  8. Fave episode! Gotta love Stephen and his ski dance! Love this show!!

  9. Yeah, the ski dance was the most hilarious thing he did this episode. His performance was sadly understated otherwise... Those were some hard party quirks to guess without some context.

    And yeah, Laura Hall's improv'd accompaniment is pretty impressive, considering she has to guess how Wayne will sing.

  10. I don't understand the "Bowl me, strike me, spare me" joke that Colin made...

  11. Greatest Hits
    Collin: "oh ryan don't cry, you're not that good of an actor"
    LOL!!!!!!! i was practically crying i was laughing so hard