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NEW: It seems a lot of the 4shared videos are now also not working.
I'm very busy at the moment, and don't have much time for this (non-profit, just for fun) site. If anyone can find a video host, that will allow me to put all the videos on, which wont take me hours per video to upload, I will gladly transfer them there.

Guys I haven't deleted or hidden any videos, they've been deleted. We need a new host, that wont delete any.


Wliia US Season 2 Episode 1

Whose Line is it Anyway? US Season 2 Episode 1.



  1. Thank you x10 for this.

  2. i love how ryan never fails to take a shot at drew

  3. Lets Make a Date
    Three-headed Broadway Star
    Stand, Sit, Lie
    Greatest Hits

  4. I love that they got a sax now.

  5. Chip is also the best in hoedowns, at least IMO :-)

    BTW, thanks for these videos. I love Whose Line!!

  6. lol at the look on Ryan's face during Three Headed Broadway Star when Ryan says "Wander," but Colin thinks Ryan said "Wonder" so Colin says "Why." After the line "Crushing people is it's reward" Ryan has a look on his face like "How pleasant..." Ryan's cracking up at the end of the song.

  7. Love love LOVE Props. One of my favourite games xD I play it all the time!

  8. Best Three-Headed Broadway Star ever. And I liked the sax in Greatest Hits as well, though it's not useful in many genres. Laura Hall and Linda Taylor are always awesome at matching the keyboard mashing to the air guitar-smashing/throwing :D

  9. Wayne's Chef impersonation, it is great.

  10. i was always wishing that wayne would do a south park impersonation and he finally did. it was awesome but i think the best character was Chef

  11. now i feel bad about wearing braces!