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Wliia US Season 2 Episode 26

Whose Line is it Anyway? US Season 2 Episode 26.



  1. lol "Don't you have two tv shows?"
    "Don't you have two too?"
    "Doesn't that make four?"

  2. Let's Make A Date
    Scene To Rap
    Moving People
    Greatest Hits
    Questions Only
    Reading The Credits

  3. Drew: "Ryan and Colin and Wayne you married guys I'm gonna give you each 10,000 points and a free pass to a strip club."
    Brad: "What about the bachelor?"
    Ryan: "Keep the car running."
    (favorite part of the episode...I love Ryan)

  4. "good morning, i'm neil patrick harris."

  5. The "strip club" quote was hilarious. Also loved all the dialogue by Colin and Ryan in this Greatest Hits.

    Moving People went as usual. Let's Make a Date was easy, Scene to Rap was funny because of Colin's silliness (as usual), and Questions Only was uneventful as usual.

  6. Love how colin's rapping always degrades into him just doing dance moves.

  7. I love it when Colin just gives up on rapping and starts dancing :)

  8. And.. and my lovely wife, Dan Patterson.