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Wliia US Season 2 Episode 25

Whose Line is it Anyway? US Season 2 Episode 25.



  1. I love how Wayne always has a solution whenever they're doing the superheros part.

  2. Superheroes
    Sound Effects
    Song Styles
    The Millionaire Show
    Reading the Credits

  3. This is the best of the Millionaire Show playing...I think. Colin on the phone was HILARIOUS! (Ryan's cute trying to hold in his laughter throughout that sequence):

    "How can I help youuuuu? What can I doooo? I can here you very well!"

    Greg: "No cheating you idiot!"
    Colin: "Yes of course no-no cheating yes of course. I say the answer is A!"

  4. Ryan's hoedown is the best

  5. The solution to global warming: Wayne Brady.

  6. literally the best sound effects i've ever seen haha, i was laughing so hard.. I'm pretty drunk though.

    Crowd has no rhythm.. but Drew was asking for it from Ryan haha

  7. I think that for the millionaire show, Greg should have asked Ryan if that was his final solution. Heh, I'm going to hell.

  8. Dr. Stragenlove millionare, Awesome!!!

  9. In away Drew's hoedown wasn't really an insult to Ryan at all. Drew's saying the women he met looked like Ryan. Ryan is a very attractive man, but a women that looked like Ryan would be ugly.

  10. Ryan was great in Superheroes. I liked Wayne's creatively flirtatious lyrics in Song Styles. And Colin's voice affectation in The Millionaire Show was hilarious :D

    As soon as Drew "insulted" Ryan in Hoedown, it was even more obvious than usual that Ryan's line was going to be about Drew (they tend to be :P). And dear lord, the audience failed at keeping the beat :P

  11. Don't normally like Greg, he kinda seems like a douche at times. But he was hilarious in this episode. Dr. Strangelove FTW. Wow! it's uncanny!

  12. That audience would've failed third grade music class.