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Wliia US Season 3 Episode 10

Whose Line is it Anyway? US Season 3 Episode 10.



  1. I feel so bad for that old lady. That was a mean comment from Drew, and that obviously wasn't the type of music she was used to. The guys are so sweet though! I love Chip.

    Lol in that last song in Greatest Hits it sounded like Wayne was saying hot cheese.

  2. lmao at Ryan's reaction to being "Body Parts Constantly Falling Asleep Boy"

    4:57 = not cool can see Ryan in the back with his head in his hands.

    LMAO Ryan and Colin in the back at 6:21

    "Guys wanna fight?" Ryan Stiles = greatness

    14:20 - 15:01 is HILARIOUS!
    17:42 Ryan is too funny.

    "Is blowhole 2 words?" Ryan's so cute.

  3. Superheroes
    Scenes from a Hat
    Whose Line
    Greatest Hits
    Three-Headed Broadway Star

  4. During Greatest Hits when Colin makes the comment about not being insecure about his sexual identity Ryan starts awkwardly playing with his wedding ring (until Colin says Sleep)

  5. omg, Phyllis looks so weird. It's like she's offended yet embarrassed. The weirdest expression I've ever seen.
    That was the rudest comment Drew has ever given in the show. Thank goodness Ryan got him back on the acting tips thing.
    9:55 - 10:00 That's got to be the most wonderful thing Colin has said this episode. Love it! Love him AND Ryan!

  6. Wayne and Chip during Duet reminds me of when my friends and I attempt to sing the BeeGees on Rock Band

  7. i didnt get what drew said to phyllis... someone explain?

  8. that poor poor old lady

  9. 15:18 was the best thing of my life. AHAHA OH GOD.

  10. ^^ He said that "they're a band from when you were 70--I mean from the 70's" and the 70's were awhile ago, so if she was 70 then she'd be really old now. So basically he was being a dick about her age.

  11. shortest book ever written: Ryan: Drew Carey's acting tips! =))))))))))))))))))))

  12. I absolutely loved it when Wayne and Chip went "Eoo-ow" at the same exact time : D