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Wliia US Season 3 Episode 12

Whose Line is it Anyway? US Season 3 Episode 12.



  1. Wayne, Chip, Colin, Ryan:

    Good Cop, Bad Cop
    Sound Effects (Noah's Ark)
    Irish Drinking Song (Drew Carey)

  2. I like how in Good Cop, Bad Cop Ryan calls Colin Agent Phillips and then introduces himself as Inspector Phillips...he's always using the name Phillip of Phillips in Whose Line.
    "How are you gonna? You're asking me questions? Well I don't know what to do now..."

    I love the look on Ryan's face after he hears the voice of God in Sound Effects.

    Ryan's laugh in Irish Drinking Song is hilarious!

  3. Ryan: "You must tell the English to leave now..."
    (Cue Drew's confused look)
    Ryan: (rolls eyes) "While I make the BUTTER!"


  4. Drew was a camp counselor O_O

    If true, creepy.

    If not true, creepier.

  5. I want Chip and Wayne to sing the Munchkin song at my wedding. Ahahaha.

    Sound effects was pretty hilarious as well. I loved Ryan's reactions.

  6. This was all-around a hilarious episode. Drew's commentary was great, too. But I really loved all the skits.

  7. I could not stop laughing during Sound Effects. It was too funny.