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Wliia US Season 3 Episode 31

Whose Line is it Anyway? US Season 3 Episode 31.



  1. Haha I laughed through the whole improbable mission thing. "Quick!! Give me a chocolate bar!" *Ryan gives Colin a bar and Colin eats it* "What do we do about the lawn?!"

  2. Superheroes
    Song Styles
    Improbable Mission
    Scenes from a Hat

  3. loool greg killed it

  4. "This is from my aunt." Ryan!
    I like how during Improbable Mission Ryan looks at his left arm when he's wearing his watch on the right arm...that's why Drew laughed.
    "What are all these stains?"

    15:48 LMFAO

  5. ^^^The credit reading is funny too

    "Call for a ban on small not let them into the country anymore. Ban the English from the US!"
    (I like the way Colin's just kinda standing there in the back)

  6. Holy crap, it's that weird looking girl again! That's the third time I've seen her!

  7. They filmed more than one episode a day, that's why you see the same people in the background over and over again.

  8. is it just me or does Colin seem serious when he responds to Greg's ever famous doucheyness?

  9. I've never seen Colin laugh as hard as he did when Wayne was singing during Song Styles.