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Wliia US Season 3 Episode 35

Whose Line is it Anyway? US Season 3 Episode 35.



  1. they shouldnt call it 'action replay' they should call it 'screw ryan and colin over' lol

    colin was shaking his head thinking 'oh my god i have to do that' when he was watching wayne lol

  2. Hollywood Director
    Action Replay
    Greatest Hits

  3. "Hi, I'm Jack Furlong and I'm here with television star Craig T. Nelson." favorite line of this episode...I love Ryan!

    I love watching Colin during Action Replay.

  4. I loved watching the infomercial and props.
    The infomercial is always hilarious; most of the time, it's "Hey, what's this?" "I don't know." And then toss it in the next box. Or say that's not part of the infomercial. Lol. Always cracks me up.

  5. What's that Cathy doing there? I always wondered.. I can't stand her or her whining one bit >:(

  6. Haha, I think Colin said "You bastard" or something to Wayne when he and Ryan were about to to Action Replay.
    Awesome episode!