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Wliia US Season 4 Episode 1

Whose Line is it Anyway? US Season 4 Episode 1.



  1. I love it when it's funniest between the improv bits.

  2. Remote Control
    Let's Make a Date
    Sound Effects

  3. that was probably the most amazing let's make a date i've seen. and i couldn't stop laughing when colin pushed the baby back in. lmfao.

  4. Funniest sound effects ever! I love after how they hug both of the audience members Ryan tries to hug Colin and Colin pushes him away.

    "Put your pants back on everyone's screamin' at you with a baby hangin' out of you like that!"

    "Oh, I'm sorry did you want that back at the end of the show?"

    17:38 lol at Ryan in the back making fun of Colin's cheek thing.

    "I'm gonna give mine to the hair woman Rachel." lol Colin.

  5. I love the way Wayne looks at Colin after his "Didn't have the chance to slip you the tongue" line in Doo Wop and you can briefly see Ryan shaking his head in the back after Colin says that too.

    Jeff's a really good singer.

  6. lol at jeff after let's make a date and also at 19:05-19:15 HE FUNNY

  7. I'm sad Jeff wasn't in the show that much. He is very funny. Unlike


  8. one of my fave episodes ever, so much had me in stitches!

  9. when colin pushed the baby back in, i was drinking soda and i honestly shot it out my nose.

  10. Another one of my favorite episodes!

  11. That was hilarious!! Jeff made that huge grin after kissing Colin! LMFAO! *Sings "I'm in love with a Canadian man."* That was the most amazing after effects of Let's Make A Date.
    Definitely one of my favorite Whose Line episodes. :)

  12. Ryan's so nice giving the women money! I would so love to meet him :)
    I'm in love with a Canadian man! My new theme song.

  13. colin and ryan sound effects =))))))))))))))))) i forgot to breathe!! =))))))))))))