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Wliia US Season 4 Episode 2

Whose Line is it Anyway? US Season 4 Episode 2.



  1. lol colin was hilarious
    "no go on its comedy" lol
    was there any point kathy being in this episode? she didnt do much.

  2. ^^ lmfao, poor colin. haha.

  3. Living Scenery
    Song Styles
    Two Line Vocabulary
    Scenes from a Hat

  4. ...and the points don't mean a thing, that's right the points are like Kathy Greenwood on Whose Line!

  5. the aerobics instructer did more than her...

  6. 10:48 Ryan: "Here let me give you a hand with that." <--- love it.

    I like how Kathy didn't say a word in this episode and she still won.

  7. I've never watched an episode before where the 4th contestant did not say a single word. That's quite an accomplishment. She deserves to be the winner! haha

  8. kathy wins every time she's on the episode b/c they dont want her in their final game lol she doesnt do anything i dont even find her funny!

  9. and yet she is still there unlike anyone who comments on this episode; yeah she's the boring one. GET A LIFE!

  10. I can give you two reasons she's on the show.

  11. its better she dont say much coz when she does its not funny and just makes me cringe. and those two reasons aren't big ones!;)

  12. "...good taste to the man who makes Ryan's shoes." Drew's gotta stop hating on Ryan's shoes

    16:10 I love how Wayne awkwardly leaves the scene

    Wow, the anonymous a few comments above mine seems very offended by people commenting on Kathy not speaking.

  13. "Oh go on. It's comedy." LOL!

    Anon Six--that's because Drew usually chooses who sits behind the desk. I think he puts the losers there, cuz the winners are the ones that should be making him laugh most.

  14. @ Anonymous #11...Anonymous #10's 2 reasons for her being there are on her chest.

  15. Really? I thought it was the hole between her legs...

  16. Aw, poor Kathy. :(

    "I'm Canadian!"

    "And believe don't need a nose that size to smell it!"