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Wliia US Season 4 Episode 19

Whose Line is it Anyway? US Season 4 Episode 19.



  1. Let's Make a Date
    Motown Group
    Song Titles
    Scenes From a Hat

  2. lol at all of Ryan's facial expressions during Let's Make A Date as he tries to get away from Colin.

    Colin's dog thing during Scenes From A Hat is hilarious!

    Crazy seeing Ryan not be able to think of a hoedown verse.

  3. Ryan hated the hoedowns so much but the British producer would always make them do it then redo it. You should look up the uncensored bits on youtube. One of them is ryan singing "If i have to do another hoe down I'll kill the fucking brit." "Kill that fuckiiinnng briiiiit"

  4. Correction to whoever wrote about Ryan's hoedowns:
    one ended with "That's what I have to do to please the fucking Brit" and the other ended "If I do another hoedown, I'll slit my fucking wrists."
    I like how you fused the two together haha.

  5. ryans really hates hoedowns lol

  6. It's a rare moment when Ryan can't think of a verse for a hoedown.

  7. wow. Drew actually showed up someone. He actually did a great job. probably because it was abut something gross like BO

  8. Aw, poor Ryan during hoedown. It sucks because some of his best hoedown bits never aired because they had a ton of swears in them. My all time fav is for the IRS:
    "I don't file my taxes every single year,
    I guess it's the IRS I really, really fear.
    Guess that's not to nice of me, doesn't show a lot of class,
    But every time I do, they seem to fuck me up the ass."
    Ah, Ryan :)

  9. Chip is just so cute! I love his "Heavens to megatroid, you sexy, beautiful even" during Scenes from a hat :)