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Wliia US Season 4 Episode 25

Whose Line is it Anyway? US Season 4 Episode 25.



  1. Superheroes
    Sound Effects
    News Flash
    Scenes from a Hat

  2. fantastic Hoedown by all 4...Ryan was speaking the truth in his verse

  3. the demanding queen... nuff said.

  4. Sound Effects was horrible!
    I love News Flash. My favorite one is where it's all of Colin. :)
    Backstreet Boys. Lol. I got Chip's verse memorized. He he he. Colin's verse cracks me up.
    I got a problem. I really need your help. It's nothing personal, but it's got me in a funk. It's kinda weird; it's given me a whelp. The Backstreet Boys are following me like little punks.

  5. what is it that Colin said suring SFAH that they bleeped out?

  6. I believe it's something like, "Man, you don't know how many cunts I've had dick up, just to get this." Perhaps twats, or pussies, or assholes, or something to that effect. I know he said "dick up".

  7. Drew often says "because your shirt/his shirt/your shoes are too loud" and he always thinks he's so funny... buut he's not.

  8. Colin says "butts I've had my cock up"