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Wliia US Season 4 Episode 27

Whose Line is it Anyway? US Season 4 Episode 27.



  1. hahaha when whose line cast rebels

  2. i dont get whats so wrong in taking the mick out of hitler... hes dead what does he care? lol
    theses guys are awesome

  3. Let's Make a Date
    If You Know What I Mean
    Title Sequence
    Scenes from a Hat

  4. Ryan wins this whole episode...LMAO at his German salute during title sequence, licking Colin's ear and his hoedown. Ryan went all in on this episode.

    Ryan Stiles is the greatest ever! I love you Ryan!

  5. lol at Ryan licking Colin's ear...I don't know how Colin kept a straight face. I kept replying that part and I couldn't do it...I had a similar expression to Wayne when Ryan licked his ear.

    awkward silence at 7:56 and at 8:00 lol.
    "Ding ding ding ding ding if you know what I mean." That's probably the only 'If You Know What I Mean' where Ryan was more awkward than Colin.

  6. That picture so nasty they won't even post that on the internet. Guess were we are now

  7. Colin and Ryan's verses for the hoedown are da bomb. :)
    I was super excited to see this episode. I wasn't sure if the Hitler joke was ever aired or not, cuz of the YouTube clip. Well, I know now.

  8. Aw Bill Cosby and Hitler would've been the funniest skit song ever, shit.

  9. I don't think they are concerned about making fun of hitler...i just don't think they want that subject in a game! But it would have been hilarious!