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Wliia US Season 5 Episode 12

Whose Line is it Anyway? US Season 5 Episode 12.



  1. haha, I love it when Colin's stumped on News Flash and the audience helps him out by chanting, JERRY! JERRY! JERRY!

  2. ^I'm pretty sure they're shouting, "Scary, scary, scary!" ;)

  3. Hollywood Director
    News Flash
    Song Styles
    Daytime Talk Show
    Three-headed Broadway Star

  4. Go Wayne and Greg! ;D

  5. Ryan: "So keep your ticket stubs handy." <--- LMFAO

    Wow, that news flash was...I don't even know what to say I think Greg and Ryan say it Wayne's reaction at 8:19

    9:10 - 9:21...lmao...Ryan Stiles bringin' the knowledge...that's why I love you Ryan.

    "I think Jerry was...Jerry was SHOCKED!" love Ryan.

    I'm slightly creep'd out by the way Jerry sings "about" in Three Headed Broadway Star.


  6. lol was it just me or was this whole episode very awkward :P

  7. no it's not just you this episode is quite awkward.

  8. I think colin trips over that cord at 8:55 and tries to play it off by jogging back onto the stage part. hahahaha.

  9. & why didnt they just bring Jerry On the Show as an actual contestant? haha

  10. 17:52 - Blonde on the right behind Drew - Jacket off

    17:55 - Jacket on! Wow, fast!

  11. Thats just good editing... its not as though they run through a single show in one taping without any editing.

  12. "Yeah. See? I know how to handle these guys." Lol! Almost, Ryan, almost. I couldn't laughing when he said that during the credits.