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Wliia US Season 5 Episode 21

Whose Line is it Anyway? US Season 5 Episode 21.



  1. Is it me or does anyone else find the women attractive.

  2. Wow. This episode made me lose my place in my knitting only about 22 times. Thanks guys!

  3. Let's Make a Date
    Song Styles
    Scenes from a Hat
    Party Quirks

  4. I'm pretty sure that's actually a man...

  5. Watching Colin, Ryan, and Greg in the background when Wayne was singing to Jane was hilarious. And their reactions to when she did the splits was priceless. XD

  6. Let's Make A Date is hilarious
    6:30 lol at the lollipop still in Colin's water from when Ryan drops it in there.

    Throughout Party Quirks it feels like Ryan and Greg are watching me through that camera

    "Right up the equator." <--- LMAO

  7. Their reaction wasn't from here doing the splits it was from where she touched Wayne at 8:28

    "Well I'm not built like most of the women around here, but I can hold my own and I usually do."

    I love how Ryan and Colin run off at the end of the credits.

  8. OMG i never noticed that before in terms of where she touched him lol thats priceless~~

  9. Lol at Colin's reaction to the bodybuilder touching Wayne.

  10. OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG Wayne is SO hot when he takes off his jacket. I mean I knew he was strong and muscley but him in that top is just to hot.

  11. I love how Ryan tries to make his voice deep when saying he could hold his women after Wayne sings the song for that body builder. Lol. He is so macho. :)

    Ugh. I hate body builders. They're so disgusting. (But I know it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to get to that state.) I just find it down right disgusting.

  12. Lol, when Greg and Ryan are at the camera the first time Colin and Wayne pretend to play cards behind them!