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Wliia US Season 5 Episode 3

Whose Line is it Anyway? US Season 5 Episode 3.



  1. I had trouble concentrating on the jokes, spent the whole show thinking about Wayne's underwear.

  2. Award Show
    Party Quirks
    Scenes from a Hat

  3. Brad: "Whitney Houston, I'd like you to meet Stephen Hawking"

    I remember when this was on, it didn't get bleeped originally...

  4. I love how Ryan gets in the camera shot at 1:05 and the face he makes.

    Ryan: Someone's thong is too tight."
    Ryan Stiles was born to win

    Ryan knows the clown line is coming during bartender.

  5. "Oh, glad to see this is still a gay bar." lol
    I love Ryan's shoes.

  6. what'd wayne say that got bleeped? he said it so fast i didn't here what it was

  7. I have been looking forward to this episode. Lol. Wayne's g-string.

    yeah. What did Wayne say that got bleeped? My gosh, he said it so fast; I couldn't read his lips as he said.

  8. For what Wayne said I think they bleeped out "tits" but I can't be sure because I can't understand what he's saying before. Right now it sorta sounds like "Oooh, damn and see me tits"
    I wish they didn't bleeping things out >.<
    Brad and Wayne's bar scene was priceless. I love how Brad spilled the whiskey when Wayne said "It's Brad!"
    Fantastic episode :)

  9. Wayne said, "they be some big titties," not that ANYONE SHOULD CARE, considering all we did was be shocked the entire freaking episode that Wayne was wearing such goofy undies!!! ACH!