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Wliia US Season 5 Episode 4

Whose Line is it Anyway? US Season 5 Episode 4.



  1. I love Wayne's reactions during "Dubbing"!

  2. Changed Letter
    If You Know What I Mean
    Helping Hands

  3. 11:19 LMFAO...I can't believe she did at Ryan, Wayne, Drew and Brad's reactions. My reaction was a lot like Ryan's.

    Ryan eating the pie with the ketchup on it was nasty. I have so much respect for him. When he takes the wig off after helping hands he looks really cute with his hair all flattened like that.

  4. I love how awkward Colin is in "If You Know What I Mean" this my favorite playing of the game...his "freshly sugared" line cracks me up every time. I noticed that no matter the the scene is for "If You Know What I Mean" Colin always pretends to drink something during it.

  5. "Yes, it's been a heavy fall."
    I don't why,but the way Brad says that is hilarious to me.

  6. hahaha, Mrs. Brady totally digs Wayne


  8. I love Wayne's reactions during "Dubbing"! I think Wayne has the hots for Ms. Henderson.
    I'm surprised Florence doesn't like Jane. I love Wayne's reaction during Helping Hands. LOL! And Ryan using the corn to clean out his mouth.

  9. I feel bad for Brad because when Florence came out he opened his arms to hug her and she just walked right past and hugged Colin and Ryan. She was kinda giving him a cold shoulder the entire night. Poor Brad.
    But amazing episode, I love how when Ryan and Florence kissed you could see Wayne's head popping out and a ridiculous smile on his face.