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Guys I haven't deleted or hidden any videos, they've been deleted. We need a new host, that wont delete any.


Wliia US Season 6 Episode 9

Whose Line is it Anyway? US Season 6 Episode 9.



  1. haha, after Wayne said "Can I ask you a question?" I would've said, "Well isn't that the objective of this game?"

  2. Wayne's talent never ceases to amaze me. What a voice, quick wit, humor...
    and now he's relegated to a game show host, I just don't understand it.
    and lady gag is a rave ?
    the universe is obviously in chaos

  3. Questions Only
    Film, TV, and Theater Styles
    Party Quirks
    Greatest Hits

  4. hey whoever posted all the games per vid, HUGE props to you man! thanks sooo much!!

  5. yeah, great job dude. really helps out my OCD. i would've had to do it hahah

  6. Seriously, it helps me plan the parts I want to watch and skip the parts I don't. Makes watching it a hell of a lot easier and more enjoyable.

  7. 8:37 I had to watch that part over a few times. The Gilbert and Sullivan thing is amazing!
    Ryan's bowling blooper in Party Quirks is hilarious.

    Colin's right in his hoedown Ryan isn't heavy. Although Ryan is 6'6" he's barely even 200lbs

  8. ^^ Really? My dad is 6'8". I honestly don't know how much he weighs, but I recall him telling me within the last year that he was around 300lbs. And he looks super skinny. Seriously. You look at his legs and you can see the actual shape of his bone in front of the gastrocnemius muscle.