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Wliia US Season 6 Episode 10

Whose Line is it Anyway? US Season 6 Episode 10.



  1. lolol.. those wacky canadians
    this show brings tears to my eyes
    in a good way

  2. Superheroes
    Weird Newscasters
    News Flash
    Irish Drinking Song
    Themed Restaurant

  3. "I'm half animatronic." I love Ryan's reaction to his News Flash

    Poor Ryan, doing the whole episode injured from when Chip jumped on his back (different episode same taping)

    I'm glad Colin and Ryan were in that Duet it made it so much better.

  4. ignore my message... im marking this video so i know i have watched it :D

  5. it's worth it to watch it again

  6. That so brightened my afternoon. :)
    "Ah, I never wanna get up. Never gonna get up." LOL! Ryan cracks me up. And then Wayne cuddles on Colin. LOL!

  7. i love the way Ryan says "I'm half animatronic".... :D

    colin: "have you ever seen this before in your life?" chip: "....yeah...."


  8. On Themed Resturant, Colin actually did a pretty good slide at the beginning! 8D I've played softball for 10 years, and it was very convincing!