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Wliia US Season 7 Episode 1

Whose Line is it Anyway? US Season 7 Episode 1.



  1. Superheroes
    Film Dub
    Party Quirks
    Greatest Hits
    Three-headed Broadway Star

  2. Drew: "We're gonna sing a three-headed love way..."
    Ryan: "Oh-ho-ho."
    Wayne: "That's a different city."
    Ryan: "That's a different game Drew."
    LOVE IT!

  3. "If g'day was a word in our vocabulary I'd use it, but it's not a word in our country so I'll just call you Jodie."
    Ryan's goal in Three Headed Broadway Star (besides attempting to mess the others up) was to think of long lyrics (it's something that you can hear him start to say at the end of "These Aren't My Hips" in a different episode.)They accomplished that in this episode with that line.

  4. LOL! I couldn't stop laughing! Especially with Brad hopping around like a kangaroo!!