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Wliia US Season 7 Episode 16

Whose Line is it Anyway? US Season 7 Episode 16.



  1. Let's Make a Date
    Really Bad Hangover
    Scenes from a Hat
    Film Dub
    Greatest Hits
    Foreign Film Dub

  2. I love the look on Ryan's face after Kathy says: "a fetish for large things."

    Ryan's rooster sound in Really Bad Hangover is SO funny.

    "You know how that's gonna look coming back from a commercial and you're like 'Whoooo...Woo-hoo'" there is no end to Ryan's greatness.

  3. the funniest part had to be when colin was reading the credits and ryan was making voices for his shoes

  4. Wayne sure likes to steal the limelight, doesn't he?

  5. hes black, he cant help but steal haha JKJKJK my best friend is black

  6. This episode contains the most subtle bald joke ever. Brilliant.

  7. Film dub almost always sucks.

  8. "hes black, he cant help but steal haha JKJKJK my best friend is black"

    Smooth. You tried to avoid being racist by lying yeah hahaha very funny now go back to your KKK buddies down south