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Wliia US Season 7 Episode 8

Whose Line is it Anyway? US Season 7 Episode 8.



  1. Let's Make a Date
    Film, TV, and Theater Styles
    Greatest Hits

  2. Ryan: "Why would you marry me and then bring me out in the swamp."

    Ryan: "I know you say this is you daughter and she was born in the 50's, but she was actually born closer to 1976 and while she may be very important to you, she not worth very much."

    Ryan Stiles is a genius!!! Best Film, TV, and Theater Styles ever!!!

  3. Ryan: "Hey, Clive's allowed to make mistakes."

    Ryan Stiles is amazing...I love him so much!!!

  4. it would have been funnier if Drew called Ryan Lewis when he said Clive

  5. "The title of the song is .... DON'T WANT YOUR MILK!!." Ahaha Colin's hilarious.

  6. Lol, when Ryan gets stuck in his prop at the end

  7. I'm sorry Greg....