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Wliia US Season 8 Episode 21

Whose Line is it Anyway? US Season 8 Episode 21.



  1. Thank you so much for all these videos; it has help kept me happy and entertained for months on end.

    Be proud of your collection and may many more people enjoy it.

  2. Superheroes
    Sound Effects
    Film, TV, and Theater Styles
    Let's Make a Date
    Number of Words
    Moving People
    Foreign Film Dub

  3. Aww. I've finished the US ones now! They're my favourite! Thank you so much for posting these! I have commented before, I just have been anonymous because my google account is fairly new. lol
    Thank you! You're awesome!

  4. thank god for this website. life altered.

  5. Thanks so much for this! Now to start all over again ;)

  6. This section kept me busy for like a couple months lol

  7. Things I've learned about the cast after watching all videos:


    Drew Carey
    -no relation to Jim Carey
    -tolerates fat jokes pretty well
    -I cannot remember a time when "something special" was not used in a sexual manner

    Wayne Brady
    -Has ticklish butt
    -during song styles he just says the woman's name a lot
    -wears a g-string
    -seems like a generally nice guy

    Colin Mochrie
    -has crazy offbeat humor
    -takes balds jokes in stride
    -almost always the girl
    -seems genuinely nice

    Ryan Styles
    -has a bad back
    -usually last to get up and first to sit down
    -loves weird shoes
    -seems alright

    -seems like a douche
    -probably has a small penis

    -seems hyper
    -second best improve singer

    -good all-arounder

    -seems nice
    -improv forgettable

    -not a funny improv commedian
    -"That's just science!"

    And a couple other people that I don't feel like commenting on

  8. hey all wliia fans. there's a new show called drew carey's improv-a-ganza. 8 and 11 on the gsn channel starting april 11. check your local listings.

  9. ^ Yeah, I saw that and I've been watching it. It's good to see them back in the improv business but they've really lost their touch. :(

  10. Aww comon Greg isn't bad. He's my second fav in rotation next to Brad. Usually does good in all the games except the occasional scene to rap.

    Also Jeff was rare in the show but always put on a good show and rocked all the singing games.

    Awesome blog by the way. Just finished season 8, though I think all the season 8 episodes listed we actually early ones.

  11. I miss this show!!!!! :(

  12. sadly the improvaganza show isn't anything like the quality of this show. even colin isn't funny and i think he's the best on here.

    that being said, greg proops is most defenitly hysterical and i don't know how you could think he's not.

    one thing i learned is that kathy always wins because (i'm guessing that) she's bad at improv songs like hoedowns

  13. At the end of this show I felt very sad...Did the wliia cast know this was the last show?...

    waaaah :'{

  14. Ofcourse they did, notice at the end they were all talking and shaking hands? they didint have anyone act for the ending credits

  15. Woah lol good timing

  16. The Improv-A-Ganza isn't bad, you guys - It's really the Vegas Show version of Whose Line: It has fewer games in each episode, but they are extended and it has a much more random cast.

    Most of the differences aren't necessarily good or bad. When a game works, it's great that they can keep it going for much longer than in Whose Line; when it bombs it's obviously... unfortunate. And it does make me a bit sad that they can't do the "quicker" games, like Props or Scenes from a Hat.

    The rotating cast is sometimes fun, as we get to see, say, Chip presenting a game and Drew performing more, but you can't really have a lot running gags and banter between the guys, (like the "Captain Hair" incident).

    Anyway, I think the Improv-a-Ganza is a better show to be in the audience at than Whose Line, but a bit worse to watch on TV. It's still fun: if you like these guys style, you should give it a chance.

  17. As far as the US version goes, Greg is my favorite recurring guest. He seems like a well-read, intelligent guy, and he arguably has the quickest wits of them all, since he's given some remarkable comebacks I can't imagine anyone else saying. I think he's best in the rapid-fire games like Hats and Scenes From a Hat. His banter in between games is just as funny though.

    Brad is a close second for me, but sometimes the way he can turn ANYTHING into a dirty joke gets on my nerves. Just a little, though.

    The ironic thing is that Brad is no longer a bachelor. He got married after the show ended.

  18. "probably has a small penis"

    why do you care hmm? someone has homoerotic thoughts for Greg? Nothing to be ashamed of, mind you.

    Greg was one of my favorite reoccurring guests, along with Chip and Jeff

  19. things i've learned from the series:

    drew is kind of a perv and generally picks hot girls with skirts on (possibly hoping that their cooch will show on screen)

    kathy always wins because shes not as good at improv

    when girls are picked for the song game, the actors almost always touch them for extended periods of time

    and finally: drew is corny and kind of an asshole, he's totally disposable as a host lol

  20. Season 7 was the last season for these guys, these are just recycled episodes recorded from seasons 1-2 of pieces that weren't aired, so their last episode would've been the last episode of season 7. I'm unsure if they knew it was going to be their last episode or if they thought/hoped the show would be comissioned for another season.

    These have indeed kept me entertained for months and given me something to do at night, so thank you very much for the uploads.

  21. This is, without a doubt, my favourite show. Always made me laugh, usually even made me cry. Thank you for posting the whole series!

  22. Season 7 was the last? I didn't know that! So they just threw this together? Wow. Unbelievable!