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Wliia US Season 1 Episode 14

Whose Line is it Anyway? US Season 1 Episode 14.



  1. lets make a date
    moving people
    weird newscasters
    greatest hits
    party quirks
    helping hands

  2. Well I understood Brad's joke about the merchant seaman...

  3. That playing of Moving People is hilarious!

    I actually kept score in this one and Ryan and Colin did actually tie for the most points.

    Ryan's face after he sucks on the lemon during Helping Hands it priceless.

  4. When Colin picked up Ryan, I almost flipped.

    Colin is a goddam Canadian Superman!

  5. Ian's bald joke was especially funny because both of them were bald, hehe.

    Brad struggled with the songs, but they were ridiculous genres to begin with :P

    And yeah, I got the "merchant seaman" joke too. ah, puns.

  6. I started crying at Party Quirks!
    Collin: (Enters) WHERE IS SHE?!

    Ryan makes bee line to Drew, and begins to howl LOL!!!!!

  7. OMG Moving people was so hilarious. Seeing Colin fall over, straight on his face... :-o

  8. Moving people is definitely the funniest of all the skits.

  9. WTH Colin's so strong! and when Brad fell off the chair cause of Colin... wow! They're both great actors