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Wliia US Season 1 Episode 15

Whose Line is it Anyway? US Season 1 Episode 15.



  1. That lady is a fashion designer??? WTF!!

  2. weird newscasters
    dating service
    sports commentary
    film dub
    greatest hits

  3. A fashion designer with the worst possible fashion. WTF!

  4. I love Ryan's hoedown verse.

  5. i dont understand how ratings went down far enough to stop producing these. seems like one of those shows that would keep going and going on forever.

  6. ^^^It's because of shows like "Friends" and "Survivor" Whose Line shared the same time slot with those other shows (people watched that instead of Whose Line)...that's why you hear Ryan and Drew mention "Friends" in a lot of episodes.

  7. Ryan's hoedown verse was hilarious. And Wayne always rocks Greatest Hits...

    Also, the bald guy in Weird Newscasters was awesome for playing along :)

  8. why cant i watch the episodes? none of them are playing or even showing up. :( saaad faaace....can any1 explain? help?

  9. i wish desperately that someone will say gynecologist for greatest hits but i dont think anyone ever will. although i would love to see how wayne does those songs