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Wliia US Season 2 Episode 11

Whose Line is it Anyway? US Season 2 Episode 11.



  1. Where's season 2 episode 10?

  2. It's fixed, it was a dodgey link, thanks for letting me know :)

  3. Thanks! This site is the best! :D

  4. I get sync problems is my comp or net?

  5. It's MegaVideo. I'm trying to sort it.

  6. "This is Drew, he sits behind the desk and makes more than us."

  7. lol if he makes this putt through the dragon, he'll win a new game. lol greg you look adorable with your suit and everything. he was awesome in this episode.

  8. Let's Make a Date
    Film, TV, Theater Style
    Party Quirks
    Song Styles
    World's Worst
    Reading the Credits

  9. Ryan in Party Quirks is just too funny I love it when he takes shots at Drew and for some reason I really like that way Ryan says "Hi, I'm Ryan." when he's talking to Colin in that game.

    That Song Styles is really good.

  10. "Rip, I'm carrying your child. Good luck!"

  11. Pedantry time: Boa constrictors crush their prey and kill it before they swallow it whole. :P

    Ryan's party quirk was pretty much unguessable (though hilarious to the audience), so I can see why he cut off Greg before he got too far off track...

    This episode made me wonder: in the guessing games, do the players/actors (the ones with the cards) know each other's "quirks"? I'm guessing not, though it'd make it easier for them to work together to communicate a quirk if necessary (though sometimes they'll figure it out mid-game and do so).

    Also, loved Wayne's gospel choir, with the dramatic "faint" at the end.

  12. "Ryan, Colin, time for school!" Ha, wow. The look on Ryan and Colin's face after Drew hits the buzzer. They couldn't stop laughing!

  13. why is ryan always an animal? lol