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Wliia US Season 2 Episode 10

Whose Line is it Anyway? US Season 2 Episode 10.



  1. Who were those impressions?

  2. ...And why do they need Drew Carey on the show again?

  3. Superheroes
    Song Styles
    News Flash
    Questionable Impressions
    Three Headed Broadway Star

  4. The Impressions Are:

    Wayne - Stan Laurel
    Greg - Sean Connery
    Ryan - Ed Sullivan
    Colin - James Cagney
    Wayne - Jimmy Durante
    Greg - Dracula
    Ryan - Jerry Lewis
    Colin - Yogi Bear
    Wayne - Scooby Doo
    Ryan - Charles Nelson Reilly

    I love the look on Ryan's face after Drew's "And take me on a..." line.
    "A sh oooe gesundheit" Ryan's the best.

  5. I wish Wayne would sing a song for me :D
    and I've never seen Drew laugh so much lololl

  6. Questionable Impressions is such a funny game.

    "Ohhh that Ryan Stiles is so hot." lol...true.
    I love it when Wayne and Ryan read the credits together.

  7. Drew is such an idiot and doesn't deserve to be on his own show

  8. I don't know why Drew thinks he's so special to do something at the end. He can't do improv for anything.

  9. Drew Carey was great on this show. He's the host, he's not one of the performers. He's funny, available to ABC, and knows the performers personally. If you like the show overall, and if you're on this site you probably do, just enjoy it. The sketches where they burst out laughing make you laugh, admit it!

  10. lol collin actually did a good impression of yogi

  11. Guys... Remember the first rule of improv.

    Good comedy is funny. Bold, disastrous failure is *hilarious*.

  12. Just thought I should say that this is where the Drew Carey Show 2x10 link directed me... A great episode, but not the show I wanted xD
    Do you have 2x10 of DCS anywhere?

  13. Yeah, I was looking for 2x10 of the DCS as well..

  14. This episode has the funniest 3 headed Broadway Star ever, the fail equals hilarity

  15. if you want to go to the drew carey show, copy and paste this link

  16. Omg, Drew really made the 3 headed broadway star go crazy. Made me crack so hard =D

  17. i love how in so many "superheroes" wayne usually comes in last and just quickly comes up with a quick solution to the problem and just leaves lol

  18. Drew Carey's not great at improv, no, but he's not supposed to be. He's the host. It just shows he's a good sport that he's willing to get up there and do some improv for 1 skit each show, I think. He's funny in a kind of nerdy way.

    Also, am I the only one who thinks Dolores didn't look thrilled by her song? I can't imagine why; Wayne's solo sing a song to an audience member skits are pure genius.

  19. If you had the (mis)fortune to see the "Improv-A-Ganza", you can see how much Drew improved in improv. He actually became fairly decent at it.