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Wliia US Season 2 Episode 15

Whose Line is it Anyway? US Season 2 Episode 15.



  1. Some of the rap got skipped.

  2. damn it denny's voice is so nasally. aww colin didn't get to rap...

  3. Let's Make a Date
    Song Styles
    Weird Newscasters
    Scene to Rap
    Reading the Credits

  4. i like the british girl better

  5. "That's a hundred...oops never mind." love Ryan

  6. Personally, I love Denny Siegel. At least she's familiar with the show, and she's really good at Weird Newscasters.

  7. agreed. i used to hate her, but i think denny got better the more she did it. or maybe this was just a good episode for her. what i really liked was when whoopi goldberg was on this show!

  8. Get it??? The twist to the song about a blender? Twist? HAHAHA.. ok not that funny.

  9. denny is not funny.

  10. So funny when that one audience member touches Ryan and Drew buzzes out his name.

  11. Let's Make a Date was funny... Audience participation is fun. Ryan's quirk was pretty much unguessable, though.

    Song Styles was hilarious just because of the dance (and Colin was the only one coordinated with Wayne :P). Narrate was meh. Denny Siegel's always good as the host in Weird Newscasters...

    Scene to Rap was well-played, though there were two skips in the video. Wayne stayed in character as a guy who'd had a lobotomy, and Ryan helped him out by giving his brain back.

    Hoedowns all seemed a bit forced.

  12. Denny was pretty good in this one...The rap was surprisingly a really good skit. Quick thinking by Ryan let Wayne say a verse, and since Denny made Wayne have no brain, she had to pick up an extra verse and did really well at it.

    This was one of Wayne's weaker episodes, I think. The blender song was kind of weak, the sports cast was okay, the only skit he did exceptional in was the rap.

    The dating game was hilarious, too.

  13. I would have railed denny back then