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Wliia US Season 2 Episode 17

Whose Line is it Anyway? US Season 2 Episode 17.



  1. "Give the tall guy more lines"

  2. Weird Newscasters
    Whose Line
    Party Quirks
    Scenes from a Hat
    Reading the Credits

  3. "I have not got long left...or I have not long left...I will...I'll die soon Luke."
    I like after Colin did start calling him Helen, Ryan couldn't stop laughing.

  4. the canadians are coming! the canadians are coming! lol how fitting.

  5. First of all this is one of my favorite Weird Newscasters simply because of my huge crush on Ryan, but am I the only one who noticed that Ryan didn't "fight the inner urge to be a stripper" at all? (He kind of embraced it.) Also Ryan kinda looked like he knew what he was doing during that sequence.

  6. omg when they're playing with the girl's hair... lmao

  7. Haha, yeah, I was thinking "you're not really fighting the urge, Ryan..." Generally, odd roles. Whose Line had excessively meta lines (though the "Helen" one was hilarious because Ryan had clearly forgotten that he'd said that when Colin called him Helen).

    And the other three games were alright.

  8. Weird Newscasters was fantastic, thanks to Ryan and his amazingness, and Whose Line was pretty great too. But, seriously, Ryan did a very convincing job as a stripper. Maybe too convincing...

  9. this aint runnin....needs some plugin darnet

  10. i know my internet cant find the darn plug-in whats the plug-in needed???>

  11. Damn! I can't find that plug-in, can anybody tell me where i cand find it?

  12. thats not plugin problem, this video was simply deleted from the server. Try open it in different browser and you will see that

  13. Well, poop. Can't watch this one anymore. Sigh...stupid government