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Wliia US Season 2 Episode 34

Whose Line is it Anyway? US Season 2 Episode 34.



  1. I like how Bard just gives the news flash image away to Ryan "Well, have you ever seen a big seal?"

    "A hockey game." <--- I like how Drew says that guess it close to elephant seals.

    Colin's jump roping chant was on another level...loved it.

    Drew's hoedown = WOW

  2. Let's Make a Date
    News Flash
    Title Sequence
    Whose Line
    Scenes from a Hat

  3. That has to be one of Drew's best hoedowns, it's HILARIOUS(disturbing) but HILARIOUS!!!

  4. my probation officer is charlie sheen!... winning!

  5. brad is AMAZING in this episode!!!

  6. awww ryan's smile during the introductions is so cute!