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Wliia US Season 5 Episode 5

Whose Line is it Anyway? US Season 5 Episode 5.



  1. Superheroes
    Songs Styles
    Multiple Personalities
    Scenes from a Hat
    Irish Drinking Song

  2. Whoever decided to give Colin the last line in Irish Drinking Songs is a genius.

  3. Love the end of the drinking song, everybody is cracking up and Colin is just happy as can be XD

  4. I love Colin's impression at the end of multiple personalties when he ends up with all three items...lmao

    lol at Ryan in funeral...all of his whimpering is hilarious!

  5. Ryan can't believe Drew managed to throw the horseshoe around his head. lol

  6. The woman behind Drew scares me...

  7. now Ryan always does the best impersonations of Stewart and Channing. Colin actually did great doing the voice of a Scotsman.
    "What's the matter with roadkill?"
    "How does food become poo? I'll tell you."
    LOL! Why is Colin so obsessed about how food becomes poo?
    Drew got a horseshoe on Ryan!! SCORE!